Les quiero compartir una oratoria que hice sobre las apariencias, espero les guste.

Esta en ingles porque la hice para mi escuela.

Escriban en los comentarios que opinan ustedes sobre la verdadera belleza.


Imagine if the world was blind. How many people would you impress?

We are living in an era, in which physical appearance is more important than who we really are. In which social media is a big impact to society, and in which «likes» are your future and «followers» your life. Some people are willing to change their image just to FIT IN in a group in which they aren’t even themselves they just wanna be there because they wanna get known not by their acts but who by they are with. First they’ll would feel incredible like if they were on top but In the future they can suffer a huge depression and start feeling empty knowing they had made a mistake.

In 1913, Webster’s dictionary defined beauty as “properties pleasing the eye, the ear, the intellect, the aesthetic faculty or the moral sense.” But in 2004, the completely definition of beauty has changed. The contributions of the ear, the intellect, the broader aesthetic faculty or the moral sensibilities are gone.
The beauty-related pressure increases, and body confidence decreases, as girls and women grow older, and this can stop young girls from seeing their real beauty and reaching their full potential. I found, a Dove’s studio that says that nine out of 10 girls want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance and 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful. Also Six out of 10 girls are so concerned with the way they look that they are holding back from participating in important life activities.

This is an example of what we’re living in. Some people are loosing real friends by trying to be someone else. Remember BEAUTY is never going away and it has an enormous power, you can do a lot of things with it.

Some people would tell «of course yo have to worry about your appearance» yeah of course, but remember real beauty comes from your soul, your values and how you treat others.

An other very important thing is judgement. We are judging how someone is going to be just by looking without meeting. We should look without the eyes and more with our hearts. Don’t judge by appearance; a rich heart may be under a poor coat.
Always be yourself, protect yourself and try new things without fear. Accept others, and do not judge. And Always remember YOU ARE A PRINCESSE and your king is God. Don’t forget to say yourself I’M WONDERFUL.

«A beautiful appearance will last decades, but a beautiful personality will last a lifetime.»


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